With Google's latest search algorithm update, websites that are not mobile friendly will more than likely take a hit to their rankings in mobile search results. At Wild Web Design we have always stressed the importance of mobile friendly websites. So it comes as no suprise to me that google has began to put higher value on mobile friendly sites.

We at Wild Web Designs pride ourselves on providing a great experience for web users on mobile devices. And we are not just jumping on the mobile ready bandwagon. We've always done it that way. We know that a large portion of your visitors will view your site on a mobile device at some stage.

Around half of your visitors come from mobile devices. So it makes sense to cater for them. You wouldn't want half your potential customers going somewhere else because they can't read your website. Would you? Find out more abut how the mobile friendly update affects your business.

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If your needs are simple and you don't need a lot of pages a static html website may be the best option for you. The fact that it is static doesn't necessarily mean that it can't be changed. But you may need your developer to do all the changes for you.

Our static html websites offer many great features such as responsive mobile friendly design, web forms, javascript, image galleries, slideshows and some really nice visual effects.

A static site will utilise speed optimisation techniques to ensure your visitors get an awesome browsing experience.


A dynamic website or web application offers a lot more flexibility than a static html website. On the surface it may look the same. But behind the scenes there is a lot more going on.

The website itself is written in php which allows us to include a separate file for each section of the website. Sounds a bit technical. But what this means is that even if your website is really really big, like a thousand pages or more, and you need to add an email address to the top of every page for example, you can edit one file and update thousands of pages in about 5 seconds.

PHP is a programming language that incorporates a lot of html. So you would need at least a basic understanding of html to edit it yourself.


To get the most out of your dynamic website or web application what you really need is a content management system. If you want to add, update and delete pages from your website by yourself, once we build it for you, a content management system is your best option.

Now you could just go with one of the awesome open source systems like WordPress or drupal. They are free, well documented, well supported and have a great online community where you can find help if needed. However you still need a bit of technical knowhow to be able to do what you need to do. Personally I love WordPress. And I'm more than happy to develop in WordPress if that's your preference.

But if all you need to do is change a bit of text here and there or enter details into your database, a more streamlined custom CMS might be more your style. We can help you determine what is best suited to your particular application