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Googles latest mobile friendly search algorithm

So now that Google has released it’s mobile friendly search algorithm into the wild is it time to hit the panic button? Well there’s no doubt that this is a significant update. And it’s one you’d be foolish to simply ignore. However don’t just outright assume that you’ll be needing a completely new website to […]

Responsive Design To The Rescue

Let me start by explaining a little about what makes responsive web design necessary. This should help you more easily understand what it is. Firstly, with the wide variety of screen sizes now available due to the recent explosion in sales of smartphones and tablets, we find ourselves in the situation where traditional desktop websites […]

About Us

About Us …Well, about me really. My name is Jason Forrest. Self promotion is not my strongest point by any means. But I will at least attempt to give you a little insight into who you will be dealing with if you decide to have your website designed by, developed by and/or hosted by Wild […]