The Design Process

What happens once we have all the required information and content?

Once we have the required information and payment for your particular package, we can start working on your website.

For the most part your job is done by this stage and the rest is up to us. At certain stages in the development of your site we may, however, ask for your input on certain aspects of design and functionality.

It is very important that you give us honest feedback whenever given the opportunity. If you are not happy with something, let us know. Otherwise we will work on the assumption that you are completely satisfied with our work so far.

First Submission

Once we feel that we have met all your requirements we will submit our preliminary design to you for assessment. At this point we ask that you are thorough in your assessment.

Remember to check for

  • typographical errors
  • things that don’t work as you think they should
  • placement of images
  • things that don’t look right
  • colours you might not like
  • fonts
  • layout issues
  • form fields

This is also the best time to let us know if you’d like to purchase any additional features you would like us to incorporate into the final design. In the next phase of the design we will work on any minor and major revisions required. So this is basically the last opportunity you will have to make any major changes.

We generally like to have your revision request in our hands within 7 days of the submission. But if you need a little more time please let us know and we will work something out that is mutually agreeable.

Major Revisions

At this stage we expect to have a very good idea of what it is you need. We will now go away and work on making the changes outlined in your revision request.

We will give you a timeframe once the request is recieved and work at getting everything done before that date.

If there will be any additional charges we will let you know and invoice you seperately for the extra charges before we begin working on those elements that incurred the extra charges.

If there are any unforseen delays we will also let you know.

Once we have made all the necessary changes we will submit the final design to you.

Final Submission

We will again ask that you thouroughly check for any typographical errors and any design flaws. All of the major revision work will be complete at this stage. We will not make any further enhancements without further charges for which we will provide an estimate.

Final Revision – Minor adjustments

We will make minor changes. And of course we will fix anything that is not functioning correctly as a direct result of our work.

Completed Website

We will then submit the completed and amended website to you. Once we get final approval from you it will be uploaded and tested. Once we are satisfied everything is in order we will generate a sitemap and submit it to the major search engines.

All copyright ownership will be passed to you unless otherwise specified. Instructions on how to add and edit pages will be supplied in the form of video tutorials in the site dashboard. Ongoing support will be provided if required for the first 12 months. But this does not include any redesign or enhancements.

We are always available to add features or pages to your website upon request. If you can’t find what you need on our add ons page you can submit a design request and we will provide an estimate.